Communicating Sustainability

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Modern, colourful and easy to understand

In the course of this workshop, we will develop approaches for the practical implementation of a communication strategy – always corresponding to the contents and relevant channels. Together we aim at a modern campaign and use a practical example to develop a roadmap and measures.

This is what you may expect

We will pose and answer the following questions: How do I convey the value of my product which needs explanation? How do I make the complex field of sustainability activities easy to grasp and understandable for my staff, partners & customers? How do I get rid of unnecessary dust?

That’s how you can reach your objective

  • Increasing social demands – meta trend sustainability as an opportunity
  • We identify the parameters relevant in a competitive environment. Where does the company’s additional value lie?
  • The function of sustainability communication in providing structure and guidance
  • Employee as a multiplier and ”ambassador“, loyality boost and economic effect
  • Devising a sustainable communication strategy

Dates and costs

The dates and costs of the seminar in English will be set individually. Please write to us if you are interested!


Target group

Responsible person for marketing and sales of destinations, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and other tourism companies


Minimum number of participants

8 persons








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The trainer

Dominik Ochs is CEO of the communication agency “Grüne 9“ which aims at giving a new face to the complex subject of sustainability. He is also co-publisher of “Übermorgen“, Stuttgart’s magazine for sustainability and lifestyle. Dominik Ochs began his career as a chef at the hotel Hilton International in Mainz. Then he continued his studies in hotel & tourism management at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Montreux. Among other jobs, he was then project manager for marketing CRM & aftersales with Conteam:Gruppe. He also teaches media management. Since 2014, he has been a member of the economic council of Deutsche Umweltstiftung.

Are you interested?

If you, too, would like to improve your communication, please write to us or give us a call. Of course, the workshop can also take place within your company. We would be happy to arrange an appointment for you and your team. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal. You may also send us an inquiry right away.

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