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Realising Travel Dreams Together

As a tour operator you work with a large number of different partners (hotels, incoming agencies, tour guides…). These, in turn, provide various partial services – and have a decisive influence on the quality of your tourism product. Our certification for tour operators therefore starts with the service providers in the destinations.

Everybody is involved

The TourCert system for tour operators has been conceptualised in such a way that all partners along the value chain are involved in the certification. Only if as many players as possible have been sensitised and operate sustainably will the entire range of products and service be okay.

This is what it’s all about…

  • What will remain in a country once the tourism season is over?
  • Do employees in the destinations earn living wages, sufficient to feed their families?
  • Has the food in a typical local restaurant really been produced locally?
  • Do resorts avoid waste and dispose of it in an environmentally sustainable manner?
  • Are you as a tour operator considerate of natural resources when designing a tourism product, e.g. in terms of water and energy supplies, nature conservation, and protection of species?
  • How much CO2 per customer is emitted on the way to and from the destination? Is there any offsetting scheme in place?

Good reasons…

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • Together with a TourCert expert you will identify possibilities to save energy and resources – and in this way you will also save money!
  • You will systematically observe your quality parameters and will be able to use them to optimise your products and their quality.
  • On the basis of the strengths you identified, you will fine-tune your individual market position.
  • You will derive clear strategies and will then be able to benefit from competitive advantages.
  • You will ensure transparency by regularly publishing a sustainability report.
  • You will benefit from your improved image – with customers, the public, and internal stakeholders.
  • With your newly gained know-how you will increase the competence of your employees, encourage innovation, and improve the quality of communication with your customers.
  • Thanks to satisfied customers you will improve customer loyalty.
  • With your social commitment and the involvement of your employees you will improve the motivation and satisfaction of your staff.

For further Information

Please take a look at the set of criteria and the regulations for the implementation of the process for tour operators as well as the overview of prices for certification.
To receive a customised offer, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

TourCert Criteria Catalogue Industry
pdf, 89.2 Kb

You can find the TourCert set of criteria for companies here.

TourCert_Implementing Rules_Tour Operators_2015
pdf, 1.4 Mb

The regulations for the certification of tour operators can be found here.

TourCert Certification_Prices_2018
pdf, 312.0 Kb

Here you will find an overview of our prices and services for the TourCert Certification.

TourCert_Flyer Tour Operators_2019
pdf, 1.6 Mb

Here you will find all important information on TourCert certification as a tour operator.

Any questions?

We will be glad to personally discuss with you the process towards a TourCert certification. Just write to us or give us a call!

Petra Knopp

Head of Certification

+49 711 24839713

You would like to contact us directly? We look forward to hearing from you!

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