Here you can download important information and documents.

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Most of our releases are currently only available in German and Spanish, though you will find a few English documents below. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in receiving further information in English.

Certification Documents

Tour Operator

TourCert_Set of Criteria_Tour Operators_2015
pdf, 70.7 Kb

You can find the TourCert set of criteria for tour operators here.


TourCert_Set of Criteria_Accommodations_2018
pdf, 899.2 Kb

You can find the TourCert set of criteria for accommodations here.


TourCert_Set of Criteria_Destination_2016
pdf, 1.9 Mb

The TourCert criteria for destinations are available here.

Other Downloads

TourCert Activity Report 2018
pdf, 4.1 Mb

The activity report provides an overview of current developments, projects and events.

pdf, 2.5 Mb

The flyer shows our offers briefly described at a glance.

TourCert Check_Prices_2018
pdf, 404.7 Kb

Here you will find an overview of our prices and services regarding the TourCert Check.