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Local Value Added in Latin America

With the support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) we launched the project TourCert Latina in 2015. Starting in Peru and Ecuador, we consistently work on facilitating a better future for people in Latin America through sustainable tourism – so that everybody may benefit.

Our Objective Creating Learning Structures

To us, empowerment is the key! By training local people and sensitising them for social and ecological issues, we ensure that structures continue to develop independently and take permanent roots.

Step by Step

Forging links

First, we built a local network which helped us to adapt the TourCert system to local requirements, before we were able to begin with the practical training of TourCert consultants and auditors.

Training on location

Local consultants train CSR managers. They accompany enterprises in implementing a sustainability management system and guide them step by step towards certification.


Local auditors assess companies on the basis of the strict TourCert guidelines and report to a regional certification council which decides on the certification.

Ensuring quality & networking

TourCert supports certified companies in further developing their products and their product quality in order to create a network of reliable partners for European tour operators.

Strengthening community

Intensive exchange and joint marketing activities at workshops and events, on the e-learning platform, via social media, the newsletter, press trips, or at trade fairs unite the TourCert community.

Our Success

Quite a lot has happened since the project TourCert Latina was launched in May 2015:


The TourCert system has successfully been implemented in companies in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Costa Rica is already following suit.


18 local consultants and more than ten auditors have been trained to date far more than planned. In addition, almost 80 persons were successfully qualified as CSR managers.


More than 50 companies are in the process of being certified; about 70 already got their labels.


The network with local partner organisations, associations, and political institutions has visible effects.


We were able to agree on a strategic partnership with the Tourism Ministry of Ecuador (MINTUR) and to establish the TourCert system as a national certification system.

"In the future it will no longer be important that we can go everywhere, but whether it is still worthwhile to get there."

Hermann Löns

Viva América Latina!

Based on our success to date, we are highly motivated to introduce the TourCert System in other Latin American countries, too, thus contributing to making tourism fairer. We will keep you informed!

Angela Giraldo

Head of Training & Consulting

+49 711 24839712