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Become a “Sustainable Traveller” – with our new free e-learning!

Wanderer auf einem Stein in grüner Bergenlandschaft


Many travellers dream of unspoilt nature, lonely dream beaches, insights into fascinating cultures and moments of peace and quiet that make us forget our everyday life. However, the worldwide desire to travel is increasing year after year, many destinations are often already overcrowded and the effects of tourism are showing an increasingly depressing picture.

Paul and Marie
Paul and Marie

To ensure that we can continue to enjoy nature and great landscapes in the future, TourCert wants to counteract this mass tourism and has therefore been working for sustainable tourism for 10 years. By providing advice and certification for tour operators, accommodation and destinations, the non-profit organisation aims to raise awareness of responsible travel and to accompany tourism companies on the way to more sustainable business practices with the help of criteria and advisory tools. But you, as travellers yourself, can also make a major contribution to fair tourism. You do not quite know how? Take a look at our e-learning and become a “Sustainable Traveller”!

Have you ever thought about how climate change is contributing to the transformation of travel destinations? And how to reduce the environmental impact of travel? Glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, many animals and plants are in danger! These are all attractions that are particularly popular with travellers. But it is not only nature that has to cope with the impact, the local population and their cultural values often suffer from the travel industry. Social exploitation is unfortunately often the order of the day, many jobs in tourism are hard. Because working in the tourism industry often means working when other travellers want to make unforgettable experiences. From climate protection to human rights to meeting the locals – these are all topics you can learn more about in the knowledge module.

Insight into E-Learning
Insight into E-Learning

For TourCert, “Travel for Tomorrow” means making the travel industry fit for the future and showing you, the traveller, how your holiday can make a positive contribution to all participants. Support us in coming one step closer to our goal and become a “Sustainable Traveller”. In our e-learning you will receive valuable tips and background information on sustainable travel! Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate – then all that remains is to put the numerous tips into practice on your next holiday.

Paul and Marie, our characters in the knowledge module, will guide you through the individual topics and explain what the terms sustainability and CSR stand for and what this means for tourism. They will show you how to make your travel sustainable – starting with planning and booking, continuing with your stay on site and ending with your return home.

This link takes you to the free e-learning, which takes only about 20 minutes to complete. Make yourself smart and think about the impact of your holiday on the environment in the future, support the local population and enjoy unforgettable travel experiences – have fun!


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