TourCert Check - Getting started with CSR

In order to offer you a simple introduction to the TourCert-System we have developed the TourCert Check.
The TourCert Check is an ideal entry point to the introduction of a consistent sustainability management for incoming agencies, travel agents, tour operators, and accommodation providers. The Check comprises an introduction training regarding sustainable tourism, a corporate sustainability assessment and the implementation of CSR-measures. Applying the Tour Cert Check is simple and it promotes an improvement dynamic which leads to corporate qualification and enhancement of the sustainability performance. TourCert assesses the requirements by checking all statements and information.
The TourCert Check is a simple self-assessment tool which quickly and in a straightforward manner provides an overview of a company’s current sustainability performance.


  • Foundations for sustainable and quality-oriented business operations.
  • The first steps are easy to implement and may later facilitate a possible TourCert certification.
  • In a quick and straightforward manner, the TourCert Check provides an overview of a company’s current sustainability performance.
  • Employees are motivated and inspired by acquiring basic CSR knowledge and by defining objectives and measures.
  • Consciously managing energy, water, and waste helps to save costs.
  • The TourCert Check demonstrates environmental and social responsibility in practice and enables companies to visibly position themselves in the steadily growing market for sustainable tourism.

      Do you have questions concerning the TourCert Check?
      Your contact partner at TourCert: Petra Knopp
      +49 (0)711 24 83 97 13


      Your opinion Feedback & Complaints

      "The last year was indeed an exciting and challenging one for Walkers Tours. We feel we have come a long way from where we started in integrating sustainability and responsible tourism into our business culture and there is no doubt that TourCert played an important role in providing the focus and direction to do so.
      So thank you once again for all the support and guidance and we are looking forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come."

      Sachintha Fernando, Senior Executive Sustainability, Walkers Tours (Sri Lanka)