Sustainable Destination - A Certification of Destinations

The certification „Sustainable Destination“ is a unique process to keep making tourism destinations more sustainable.

A sustainable destination is teamwork that thrives on the cooperation and partnership of all institutions and companies involved. Within a destination, the implementation of the certification processes is led by a central local contact point, the so-called destination management organisation (DMO). This may be a spa administration, an urban tourism marketing organisation, or a regional tourism association. The DMO leads the entire certification process, gets partner companies to join the sustainability process at destination level, and represents the destination to the outside as a sustainable destination. In the certification process, the DMO assesses the current situation in the destination with regard to its sustainability, identifies potentials and opportunities to position it, and develops tangible approaches to implement sustainability aspects.

We translate your sustainability performance into tangible and measurable indicators. We make it possible for you to analyse your products in a more detailed manner and to conduct surveys of different stakeholder groups in tourism, using specific web-based tools developed for this purpose. From the results, we will jointly derive opportunities for optimisation and recommendations for action in different thematic fields in tourism and for different players. In this way, the certification shows you tangible fields of action to make your work more sustainable. You may take them up in the short or long run to achieve continuous improvements.

All the aspects that we take into consideration have been selected according to their relevance and practicality. They are in line with the most important national and international basics and standards of sustainable tourism in destinations. Upon successful certification of a destination, the DMO will get the label and the partner companies will be certified as partners of this sustainable destination.


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